The extensive experience we have gained over the years in the processing of various types of polystyrene, which are used in the production of polystyrene foam, has enabled us to use our technical know-how and in-depth knowledge to design customized technology for the production of polystyrene sheets. Moreover, we have also designed and implemented entire production lines for the manufacture of machines and instruments for the production of polystyrene foam.

Over the past few years, we have become one of the well-known manufacturers of comprehensive production lines for polystyrene foam. During this period, we have supplied many comprehensive production lines for polystyrene foam to clients in Poland and abroad.

Our technological lines boast many state-of-the-art technological solutions which have an impact on increasing the efficiency and lowering the costs of production.

Our main asset is our mobility and flexibility in our approach to the clients’ needs and expectations through:

- designing technological lines from scratch:
a) according to the requirements for new buildings and installations, selecting the best solutions
b) conforming and adapting to the current technical and technological conditions

- conforming the efficiency of the line and individual elements to the clients’ requirements
a) according to design requirements
b) to the machines and equipment which are already in use

- flexibility in the selection of technical and technological solutions



Preexpander I and II stage with with drying


Cyclic preexpander




Cuting line

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Packaging machine


Milling machine


Aggregate mixing and dosing


Two-stage crusher

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Standard injection moulder

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